Simple CFO Helps Business Owners
Gain Financial Clarity
& Increase Profitability
Profit First Implementation |        No More Financial Stress |        True Wealth Building
Profit First Implementation
No More Financial Stress
 True Wealth Building

Do You Struggle
 With Any Of The Following:

We're Making All This Money, But Where Does It All Go Every Month?!

Self-Inflicted Stress & 
Anxiety Around 
Your Finances?

Living On The Up & Down Cash Flow 

Stuck In The Land Of Hoping That Your Business Is Highly Profitable?
Feeling The Pressure To Keep Making Sales To 
Stay Afloat?

How Our Fractional CFOs Can Help

Each one of our clients are taken on a journey with a roadmap that looks something like this image...
  • Eliminate the stress in managing your finances
  • Set up proven, easy-to-use financial systems
  • Make and Keep More Money in your Business
  • ​Put More Money in your pocket
  • ​Have more time & Freedom to do what you love!

What The Heck Is A 
Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is a part time and low cost option to have a financial leader on your team to direct your financial department and help put more money in your pocket. The nitty gritty of what they do is the following:

We hand-select and train each of our fractional CFOs to increase your business revenue, owner's pay, and cash reserves, while decreasing your expenses, liabilities and stress!

We wrote the book Profit First for Real Estate Investing, and our CFOs are trained to implement the PFREI method and system in your business, regardless of the industry you specialize in.
  • Manage and improve your bookkeeper, CPA, and financial systems and process to save you time and headache.
  • Implement the Profit First cash flow system to help you know where every dollar in your business goes so you never wonder where your money is and you also get paid what you deserve.
  • Set up a custom Simple CFO dashboard for any and all of your entities to give the data you need to scale profitably and bring in more bottom line profit

Financial Clarity Is Just

3 Steps Away

Step 1 
Book a Discovery Call

Step 2 
Onboarding Call

Step 3 
CFO Implementation

Our Trusted Partners:

“Guys, I am 39 years old and for 34 years of my life I couldn’t sleep at night until I added the profit first model from Simple CFO in my life. I feel like I’m just starting to understand finances at almost 40 and this is why hiring a fractional CFO is so important”

Pace Morby - Founder of The SubTo Community
SimpleCFO has changed the trajectory of our business and our lives. 
Not only does SimpleCFO care about the bottom line, but they care more about how it impacts me, my investment strategies, and everything.

Vance Courtney – Founder of SOS Home Offers
If you’re willing to put in the work and if you want the clarity in your business and in your numbers [SimpleCFO] is definitely worth investing in. It is really the best money I’ve invested in at any time in our business.

Ralph Fredella – Owner of I’ll Buy Your House Today
It’s not an exaggeration to say that David Richter changed the trajectory of my life… 

SimpleCFO legitimately changed my business, my kids lives, and my family will literally benefit for generations.

Rich Lennon – Owner at RVA Property Solutions
SimpleCFO has been a game changer for our business. 

We know we have the money for the bills that we need when they come up each month.

Kevin Thomas – Founder of Liberty Real Estate Solutions
David Richter – I love the guy. Super kind, go-giver spirit. The Profit First model has helped our businesses drastically… [and it] changes the trajectory of what your business is going to do.

Casey Ames – Owner and CEO of Taylor Jene Homes Inc.
It makes you feel good to know that you’re working with somebody you can trust… And because of David, SimpleCFO, and knowing my numbers — I’m now a millionaire!

Joey English – Founder of Focus Property Solutions LLC
SimpleCFO has changed the trajectory of our business and our lives.Not only does SimpleCFO care about the bottom line, but they care more about how it impacts me, my investment strategies, and everything.
Vance Courtney – Founder of SOS Home Offers
SimpleCFO was my obvious choice... it was an amazing experience talking to David and having him walk me through the onboarding process and then matching me with Rebecca Howell based on my specific needs... it was a very custom-tailored experience that I absolutely loved... they really helped me get granular with my numbers, create the profit first method... and applying that to my business has really transformed how I feel and how I approach business... I have peace of mind now, and it was worth every single penny.

Frank Chen - CEO, Affiliate Incubator
I've been working with Michael and Lori at SimpleCFO... they have been nothing but a blessing for the different businesses that myself and my partner Pace Morby run.
We had so many cash flow issues before... but after getting started with SimpleCFO we adopted the Profit First principles and were able to start giving ourselves owner's comp, profit pay, and still be investing in the deals that we want to!

Cody Barton - CoFounder,
I had no idea how much I was making and I was paying the price. I was running from deal-to-deal like a chicken with my head cut off. 

All that changed when I got a fractional CFO to run my business… Now I have the clarity and focus to run my business like a true CEO.

Todd Toback – Chief Visionary Officer at Get It Done House Buyers Inc
Why should you work with David Richter and his team? It’s simple – you don’t know what you don’t know. David Richter understands the Profit First philosophy. 

He understands not just how you make money, but how you structure it, how you keep it, and how you organize it. That’s what high-level entrepreneurs really need.

Matt Andrews – Ringleader at Family Mastermind
If you are serious about profitability…work with SimpleCFO Solutions! David and his team have the skills and tools to drive your business forward to ensure profitability.

Mike Michalowicz – Author of Profit First, Founder of Profit First Professionals

I know what you’re thinking:
“holy cow, an alien abducted me, harvested my thoughts from my brain and put them on this web page!”

fear not - no aliens were involved 😏

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, and those bullet points we shared up at the top of this page are the 5 most common themes of stress, anxiety & struggles amongst business owners.

 Our #1 goal and objective is to take every single one of those thoughts and feelings we listed up above, and pivot 180 degrees in the other direction. We hate seeing fellow entrepreneurs stressed to the point that they lose sleep, gain weight, take time away from their spouse and kids, are constantly on edge, and are stuck on a hamster wheel all because 1 thing is missing: financial clarity.

Do You Know These 3 Numbers In Your Business?


We'll help pinpoint what your highest ROI producing revenue sources are, find out what the lowest producing sources, and your CFO will help build a game plan specifically tailored to your business.


We all usually get a ballpark figure to our CPA come tax time (which usually consist of credit card statements 😳), but you deserve better! Knowing where you money is spent (and why) is crucial, so we can focus on the best bucket of all...


Like Batman & Robin, you and your CFO will create a game plan around how much you'll pay yourself, how much you'll give away/donate, how much you'll reinvest in the business and how much you'll keep as profit for yourself -- TREAT YO SELF! 


We want you to be the small percentage of businesses who thrive and succeed 
because you know exactly what your business makes, what you spend and how much you keep in profits.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to learn more about how Simple CFO
can decrease your stress, give you your time back and make you profitable than ever!

Simple CFO Different

We are a collective group of CFOs who advise business owners and specialize in helping business owners achieve real, foundational financial clarity that alleviates stress, uncertainty and anxiety around finances.

We hand-select and train each of our fractional CFOs to increase your business revenue, owner's pay, cash reserves, and more! We wrote the book Profit First for Real Estate Investing and our CFOs are trained to implement the PFREI method and system in your business.

This Ain't Your $3/hour Virtual Assistant's Book Keeping Service 😏


What Type Of Businesses Do You Typically Help?
We have served literally thousands of clients in various niches: real estate investors, medical practices, home service businesses, B2B businesses, B2C Businesses, E-Commerce, marketing agencies, law firms, accountants, manufacturing, and so many more. Regardless of the industry you're in, we can help you gain financial clarity!
How Is This Different From My Bookkeeper Or CPA?
Great question! Typically your CPA & bookkeeper are told what to do, and they execute. They usually do not offer advice, and even if they do, it’s usually centered around how to best use QuickBooks or file taxes, not necessarily how to help you manage your finances + grow your business. This can be a great example of the blind leading the blind.

Just like a real estate coach that teaches you how to flip a house or mentor that teaches you how to be better at sales, your CFO is guiding you along the way: teaching you, encouraging you, keeping you accountable, and making sure you’re making the right decisions for your business & your goals based on your finances. You and your CFO, together, will come up with the exact standards/objectives you have in your business, and you both will focus all of your attention & effort to achieve those.
Do I Have To Be Doing A Certain Amount Of Revenue?
Nope! Our average client generates between $200,000-600,000 per year in gross revenue, but we’ve helped quite a few newbies who are just getting started, as well as those who have multiple 8-figure companies!

How Much Access To A CFO Do I Get?
Pretty much unlimited (we just ask that you don’t abuse them haha)! You’ll get bi-weekly meetings with your CFO (or we have other packages if you need/want them more involved), and you are free to email your CFO whenever you have questions, need guidance or want their opinion on something!
What All Is Included When I Sign Up?
You’ll be getting full Profit First implementation, we will connect you with your very own CFO, and we will be building out your CFO Dashboard, which is a compilation of proprietary tools, calculators and sheets we have created to help you make better financial decisions within your business!
Am I locked Into a Contract?
Nope! We don’t lock you in for a certain amount of months/years! It’s purely month to month, so you’re in control!





David Richter is an active real estate investor who has been essential in closing over 850 deals which include wholesale, turnkey, BRRRR, owner finance, rentals, lease options, and any other exit strategy you can think of. While growing and building a real estate business from 5 deals a month to over 25 deals a month, he realized that as much money was coming in, it was going right out. With the unique opportunity of being in every seat as a real estate investor, he found a calling to the company’s finance seat to help them see where their money was really going. David has helped real estate companies completely turn around from going out of business to building cash reserves through his profit advising company Simple CFO Solutions, LLC. He is the author of Profit First for Real Estate Investing. His goal in life is to completely transform the Real Estate Investing industry when it comes to how real estate investors view their finances and – bring them true financial clarity and freedom.
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